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                    【awinic inside】Hover2,YOUR PERSONAL PHTOTGRAPHER

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                    From the makers of the award winning Hover Camera Passport, Hover is excited to unveil the next generation of autonomous drones, the Hover 2 with awinic Class K inside, reinvented with groundbreaking A.I. technology.

                    Hover 2 introduces an entirely new drone experience giving you gorgeous shots of your life from every angle with unprecedented ease. Innovations like Optical Radar and cutting-edge A.I. enable industry-leading obstacle avoidance and tracking features. Imagine your shot and let Hover 2 do the rest.


                    WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT Hover


                    Ease and usability are at the center of every decision we’ve made, so you can truly immerse yourself in the moment as Hover 2 captures them for you.



                    Select between 4 preset shots with AutoFrame and Hover 2 will fly into position, frame, and capture the shot for you with the tap of a button. Choose between Waist-Up, Full-body, Backdrop, and Birds-eye.


                    Omni-Follow keeps you in the frame from any angle, allowing more freedom in movement and creativity. Unlike traditional follow modes that only follow from behind, Hover 2 can follow you from the front, back, side, or switch between all three in the same shot.

                    Thanks to the Optical Radar, which is always focused on the direction of movement, while the main camera is focused on you, meaning Hover 2 can avoid obstacles even while flying sideways or backwards. Major leaps in tracking algorithms can now lock onto unique characteristics to provide perpetual tracking precision and stability.


                    Pivot follow keeps the Hover 2 stationary as the camera tracks your movements to keep you in the center of the frame.



                    TrackShot flight paths are inspired by classic film techniques for you to capture videos of you and your friends with cinematic flair. Hover 2 keeps you as the focal point as it navigates around you, even when you move.

                    CINEMATIC THEMES

                    Hover 2’s in-app editing suite offers a selection of Cinematic Themes; complete with soundtracks and filters. Choose the theme you want and watch as your footage transforms into a short clip that can be instantly shared with your friends or on your favorite social media platform.


                    KEY TECHNOLOGIES

                    OPTICAL RADAR

                    Hover 2’s proprietary Optical Radar is a swiveling stereo sensor that gives the drone depth perception in every direction.


                    Combined with SLAM 3D mapping, VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry), and path planning features, the drone can navigate new environments with 360o obstacle avoidance and bypass obstacles while tracking a target in real time. These cutting-edge algorithms are powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon processor.

                    INTELLIGENT TRACKING

                    Hover 2's computer vision system is able to accurately lock onto the target even after significant changes in appearance and shape of the target. By modeling the environment and monitoring the surrounding figures, our algorithm can accurately assess the cause of the obstruction and intelligently adjust its tracking strategy.


                    The clip above shows our A.I.-trained tracking algorithms demonstrating awareness of distance and orientation of the subject, as well as re-finding the target after occlusion.


                    WORRY-FREE FLIGHT

                    The Hover 2 is designed with enclosed propellers and advanced obstacle avoidance technology to protect you and the drone, allowing you to get close-up shots that are impossible on other devices. Onboard GPS allows for greater flight stability, easy tracking, and can bring Hover 2 back to you.

                    ULTRA PORTABLE

                    Grab-and-go. Hover 2’s compact, foldable design allows for ultra-portability on all your adventures.

                    SLEEK & STURDY DESIGN

                    Hover 2 is available in the sleek, classic black version, that is both lightweight and sturdy. Its design is based on the award-winning design of Hover Camera Passport, recipient of the Red Dot and iF design awards. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between safety, portability, and style.




                    Capture breathtaking aerial footage in BlastOff mode, and control the drone from up to 5km (3mi) away when paired with the BlastOff controller. Aerially enhanced propeller guards offer improved aerodynamics expanding your creative possibilities.

                    To attach the aerial accessories, simply slide off the carbon fiber enclosure and replace it with the propeller guards and landing gear.  Hover 2 can be operated with a maximum flight time of up to 23 minutes,


                    PALM PILOT

                    The Palm Pilot auto-pairs with the Hover 2 to get you flying in no time. Its ergonomic design lets you control the drone one-handed and gives you shortcuts to your favorite flight and capture features. Perfect for on-the-go activities and frees your mobile device for other uses.

                    An LCD screen displays first-person POV, letting you see what the drone sees. Smaller than a cell phone, just stash it in your pocket or bag when not in use.


                    BLASTOFF CONTROLLER

                    The BlastOff controller is used to control the drone in BlastOff mode. Attach your mobile device for first-person POV display. Using the BlastOff controller, you can control the Hover 2 for up to 5km away.


                    IMAGE QUALITY


                    With 4K video, 12 megapixel photos, 1/2.3in CMOS sensor, and a mechanical gimbal, the Hover 2 lets you capture yourself and the world around you in dazzling detail. 


                    This is an example of the current footage from Hover 2 as a camera quality test only. We'll share progress reports here as we continue tuning the image quality throughout the development process.

                    无人机流行,航拍难以克服风力?内置艾为芯的 Hover2 让你眼前一亮!

                    说到航拍无人机,不少人可能会想起Hover Camera Passport,制造商零零无限(Zero Zero Robotics)日前宣布推出续代机Hover 2,在Kickstarter开始众筹短短1小时即达10万美金的目标。新机续航力增至23分钟,更具有360度避障功能。

                    内置艾为芯的 Hover 2 于上月在Kickstarter平台展开众筹,短短1小时即达10万美金的目标;48小时内已有近900人支持此项目,众筹金额已达约47 万美金,成续相当亮相。

                    续航力大增至23 分钟

                    那到底Hover 2 有什么吸引之处呢?

                    与第一代比较,Hover 2 的外形及折叠设计大致一样,却有多方面的升级。续航力方面,有别于第一代的只有8 分钟,新一代续航力大幅提升至23 分钟。机身重量则由之前的不足250 克,增至490 克,但相信抗风力能力也会有所增加。

                    视觉雷达实现360 度避障

                    要挑一个Hover 2 的最大升级,相信必定是360 度避障。其机顶处藏了一个可360 度旋转的视觉雷达(Optical Radar),一按即会弹出来,实现全方位的深度感知能力。在结合SLAM 光雕投影(3D mapping)、VIO 定位技术及路径规划特性后,Hover 2 可实现360 度避障。


                    Hover Camera Passport本来就是以自动追踪拍摄主体的AI功能为卖点,新一代的云台相机可作全向追踪,除了可从后方追拍外,也可侧飞或倒后飞来从侧面或正面追踪拍摄主体,因新增的视觉雷达会专注感测无人机飞行的方向来作避障。

                    官方声称,即使在拍摄主体的外貌和身形有所改变后,Hover   2的视觉系统仍能准确地锁定目标,而无人机的演算法也会通过对周遭环境建构的模式,准确地评估视线被遮挡的原因,并智能地调整追踪策略。


                    智能拍摄功能方面,Hover 延续了Passport 的小行星、360 度一键拍摄,同时加入In-app 「大片主题(Cinematic Themes)」功能,为影片套上滤镜及加入音乐。在拍摄照片时,用家也可选择「智慧构图(Autoframe)」的模式中的4 个预设构图,包括半身、全身、背景、鸟瞰,由航拍机自动构图拍摄。

                    为了尽显其飞行能力,Hover 2 可改为BlastOff 模式,在拆掉保护罩后,换上BlastOff 保护架及起落架,同时使用遥控器,即可推进其飞行时间至23 分钟,操控距离也可达5 公里。

                    据小为了解,除了使用手机App 控飞外,Hover 2 还可以掌上遥控器控制,前者的有效操控距离为100 米,后者则达5 公里。

                    内置艾为K类音频功放产品的Hover 2 现正以最低的399 美金早鸟价在Kickstarter 众筹中,未来零售价为699 美金,比第1 代上市时的599 美金高出不少。感兴趣的小伙伴们快抓紧时间去众筹吧!

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